The Product

The Ultimate Mystery Shopping Software

Combining the three most important elements of consumer feedback

Mystery Shopping Service

Design, plan and schedule every campaign and assignment with ease and efficiency. Our shopper interface is interactive, modern and user friendly.

NPS Data Collection

Our Net Promoter Score collection and analytics system has been written to ensure a seamless integration between the data collected by your team and the data provided by the clients existing customers.

Online Surveys

Creating and analysing online surveys has never been easier and now there is no need for third party software, its all integrated into the Praemialis platform.

Collective Feedback Technology

Mystery Shopping Software

The Praemialis platform allows you to design, plan, schedule and execute your client’s mystery shopping campaigns with ease and efficiency:

Net Promoter Score Management

Combine NPS surveys from existing customers, staff, suppliers and Mystery Shoppers, all in one place.

Online Surveys Management Module

Whether it be staff surveys, customer surveys, suppliers, franchises or mystery shoppers the Praemialis in-built survey tools are all you will need, no need for third party survey sites, it’s all here at your fingertips.